Who Stands Between Kerry And The White House?

Maybe it’s not George Bush, Karl Rove, or any of the other usual suspects… It very well could Tricky Dick himself; Richard Nixon. He must be enjoying the hell out of this week wherever he is.

You may be wondering, “Why Richard Nixon?”

Nixon’s obsession with discrediting the telegenic veteran anti-war leader is the wellspring for many of the revelations now emerging about the activities of “have it both ways” Kerry. Kerry’s popularity rankled Nixon so much so that mention of “keeping tabs on him” and discrediting him were captured on the infamous Nixon White House tapes.

His attendance at a Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) meeting in Kansas City where a plan to assassinate U.S. Senators was floated by others, is verified by FBI surveillance and informants. Any guess where the order to monitor VVAW came from? Nixon.

Then there are Kerry’s ties to lightning rod anti-war celebrity Jane Fonda. Americans had (and still have) a visceral reaction to the “Hanoi Jane” image. The more focus Kerry and the media place on his Vietnam era war hero status the more you will hear about his VVAW activities and his ties to Fonda. Nixon’s focus on Kerry is one of the reasons there is still a lot of information yet to be widely publicized (it is scattered throughout the blogosphere). If you take as a granted that his service in the war is a positive, continued focus on the 70’s era Kerry especially his anti-war activities and associates will be an anchor. It’s hard to feel sorry for Kerry the candidate on this issue as it is an anchor of his own making…

Michael Kranish at the Boston Globe has more on the link between Kerry, Nixon, and Jane Fonda.

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