Spirit Of America Challenge – Last Call

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The Drive For $50K

It’s been a long week for members of all the Spirit of America teams. There’s been lots of offers and a ton of great support. Here are a couple last minute offers that may have fallen off your radar.

Victor Davis Hanson, one of the most thoughtful and insightful voices since September 11 has generously agreed to donate THREE autographed books for us to auction. Go to Overtaken by Events to bid!

Jim is offering free BlogAds at participating blogs for $20 donations.

Just a girl is offer 6 months free blog hosting, WordPress install, and a free template for the top bidder. Make your bids at Deans World.

Misty extended her Trixie Belden Deluxe books auction.

Michele is offering a CD of her favorite music with liner notes and artwork.

All of the current offers (these will be added soon if they’re not already there) from Team Spirit are listed at vBay:

The Victory
Coalition's Online Marketplace
Your Money At Work
Atrios Unmasked?

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