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The Drive For $50K

Late last night I looked at the standings in the Spirit Of America Challenge and concluded that with less than 24 hours to go, it would be hard for the Victory Coalition to catch the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom!, not impossible – but then again not likely.

Then a funny thing happened, I noticed that together the teams has raised nearly $36,000 in the last week, and in an e-mail to Dean wondered whether we could reach $50,000. Dean mentioned that the original goal was to raise $50,000, and sent a message to all the teams this morning to gage interest in working toward that common goal. After a host of e-mails all three teams agreed that working together on the last day we might be able to push the combined funds raised over $50,000.

Of course the members of Team Spirit all would prefer that you donate through the existing teams donations pages, but at the end of the day it’s the donations that matter not the teams.

Each team will try to cross promote the others current offers in the push to reach $50,000 in donations. To minimize the number of places you have to visit to keep up on all the offers check these three central posts:

All of the current offers from the Victory Coalition, the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom, and the Liberty Alliance are listed at vBay:

The Victory
Coalition's Online Marketplace
Who Stands Between Kerry And The White House?
SOA - Another Offer


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