Reality TV Gone Mad!

From the NY Post.


April 28, 2004 — A giant-sized controversy is brewing over a baby adoption special on “20/20” – and sending ABC execs into a tailspin. Millions of viewers across the country watched in surprise over the weekend as the network aired a sensational promo for Friday’s segment, which pits five desperate couples against each other for the privilege of adopting a 16-year-old’s baby.

A very personal, intimate process was made to look like a reality-show contest, with prospective parents dubbed “winners” and “losers.”

Holy Crap!

A million bucks… OK
Paying off a mortgage? Fine
A Marriage between two (stupid) consenting adults… Knock yourself out.

But a child? A Freaking child?

What on earth are Barbara Walters and 20/20 thinking? What is that kid’s life going to be like when the kids at school find out his mother gave him away so he could be the prize on a game show.

And where the HELL is Hillary? She thinks it takes a freaking village to raise a child, why doesn’t she come out and speak on behalf of this child?

Where are all the do good social workers that want to arrest you if you slap a child’s hand when he is reaching for the stove?

Talk about jumping the shark…. Barbara Walters, ABC News and 20/20 have jumped the whole freaking Great Barrier Reef during mating season.

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