Long Live The Victory Coalition

Just because the Victory Coalition is working as one with the other two groups as Team Spirit to get to $50,000 in contributions, that’s does not mean that we are not still a team. The success of our coalition is due to the hard work of the following fine bloggers:

That is a fine group of human beings there; working for a fine cause. As much work as this whole project has been, it’s been bearable due in large part to the overwhelming support and patience of the members of the Victory Coalition. Thank you for your dedicated contributions, you should be rightfully proud of yourself.

Special welcome to James Lileks who joined up with the Victory Coalition this morning!

Today’s Goals:

We need to get our teams total over $20,000 to have a shot getting total donations over $50,000 – so spread the word, and long live the Victory Coalition!!!

The Challenge ends Thursday, give, give, give.

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