Kill The Messenger

Jack O’Toole thinks the world is just not fair to the Left:

Each and every day, Glenn [Reynolds] quite skillfully uses his site to weave the right side of the blogosphere into a coherent, compelling whole, a narrative of conservative ideas and opinion. In short, a message. And despite our signal successes — the professional-level political and policy analysis being done by some, the potent partisan anger that’s bracingly channeled by others — the left side of Blogdom still doesn’t have anything quite like an Instapundit. And we suffer for it. Seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year.

Hey- I’ve got an idea, why don’t they buy 6 blogs and pay for them with bad checks and see how many readers they get!

It really is sad. For years the left has blamed Rush because they have no message on radio now they blame Glenn because they have no message in the blogosphere. Do these people own mirrors?

Why not drop the usual liberal “woe is me” crap and get a message that is intellectually honest, can be defended intelligently and does not repulse a large hunk of America. How hard is it?

The problem with today’s Democratic party is not that they don’t have a message. The problems is that their message just repulses too many people.

UPDATE: Jack thinks, well- I’m not exactly sure what Jack thinks. It is somewhere between I mischaracterized his post to I was being too hard on him. What ever the case, follow the link to his post and read the comments on this post and draw your own conclusions. My “whiny liberal” detector went off but it is known to be extremely sensitive- mostly owning to years of overexposure. 😉

Update 2: Steve the Llamabutcher has some solutions in the comments.

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