Air Ameria Rats Abandoning Ship

The WaPo has the story. Who had 2 months in the dead pool?

Air America Radio Hit Turbulence on Takeoff

It has been a tumultuous inaugural month for Air America Radio, the liberal network that bills itself as the antidote to all things conservative, particularly to those that come ricocheting out of the mouth of Rush Limbaugh.

First, the network’s programming was kicked off the air in two major markets, Los Angeles and Chicago. … Yesterday, the Chicago Tribune reported that two of Air America’s high-ranking executives, CEO Mark Walsh, a former AOL exec and Democratic National Committee operative, and David Logan, director of programming, are stepping down.

It’s not too late to enter the Air America dead pool and I have selected the prizes.

The winner will get their choice of a full year of free web hosting for their blog or 3 good bottles of wine from my fairly respectable collection.* (I’ll ship you 3 bottles from the 20+ dollar range or 1 bottle in the $60 range your pick. Or heck, half a case of cheap stuff if you want it.) I’ll talk with you and help pick out a few good bottles.

Current entries in extended entry:

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ME: 30 days after the election (wow was I optimistic)

King of Fools: July 4th. [2004]

Marc: Oct 31, 2004

Harvey: Feb 1, 2005

Jay Tea: November 11, 2004

MEC2: Feb 2006 [yeah right -ed]

Mark J: August 2, 2004

Rich June 6 [2004]

If you want to take a guess, just a leave a comment on THIS post.

*The only restriction on the wine is that by law I can’t ship to some states. I don’t recall which states but it is only 2 or 3. As I recall in 2 states it is considered a felony to ship a single bottle of wine! (idiots)

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