I'm Feeling Pingy

The whole Spirit of America Challenge has been and continues to be an awesome personal experience. I’m sorry if it has dominated the blog the past 5 days, but that’s life…

I’ve received so many trackbacks (many of them duplicates) that I’ve had to add Stepan Riha’s Avoiding Duplicate Trackback Pings hack to eliminate duplicate trackbacks. I used to use MT-Blacklist to manually delete duplicated, but honestly I don’t know why I didn’t install this hack sooner.

Note: The instructions are out of date for current versions of Blacklist. The hack has to be made extlib/jayallen/MTBlPing.pm (not Blacklist.pm).

If you’re technically challenged I will do a full MT-Blacklist install (with this hack integrated) in return for a NEW $10 or more donation to Spirit of America via The Victory Alliance. New contributions only please…

Spirit Of America Challenge - Tuesday Schedule
Worst. Name. Ever.


  1. Mark J April 27, 2004
  2. Kevin April 27, 2004
  3. Ellois July 6, 2004