A $10,000 Haircut?

Drudge has the story that apparently Kerry flew his hair stylist into Pittsburgh to get a fresh haircut for Meet the Press. The speculation is that he flew Isabelle Goetz in on his wife’s Gulfsteam V jet. Drudge quotes a source that the haircut cost Kerry $1,000 because of that.

It is plainly evident Drudge does not own a Gulfstream V.

G5’s cost about $5000 per hour to operate even if you own it. More if it is a fractional ownership or lease. If you flew a Gulfsteam V from Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh and back the bill would be $10,000 or more.

This story is too good to be true. If Kerry flew his private stylist in on a 40 million dollar jet, burning all that jet fuel while he is saying us common folk should not be allowed to drive SUV’s, it will be a gaff that will make the Dean Scream look small.

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