Senator Waffles

Kerry has twisted his record into so many circles he now has a section on his own website called the “DBunker” to set the record straight. The problem is it is adding to the confusion.

During a war protest Senator Waffles threw somebody’s Vietnam medals over the Whitehouse fence in protest. At the time he claimed they were his. Later the story broke that they were not his, that he pocketed his medals and threw either replicas or someone else’s medals. The story keeps changing depending on who is is talking to.

Kerry put the issue thru his “DBunker” to debunk the “Rightwing Fiction” as he calls it:

Throwing Vietnam Medals

UPDATED 4.23.04

RIGHTWING FICTION: John Kerry threw away his medals during a Vietnam war protest.

FACT: John Kerry is proud of the work he did to end the Vietnam war. The Nixon Administration made John Kerry one of its targets and Kerry’s rightwing opponents have been smearing him ever since. John Kerry threw his ribbons and the medals of two veterans who could not attend the event, and said

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