Honor Killings

We welcome immigrants, it some of their fucked up customs we could do without. From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle:

A Turkish immigrant who is charged with killing his wife and critically injuring his two daughters in their Scottsville townhouse allegedly claimed he acted as a matter of honor.

Ismail Peltek, who was indicted Friday on charges of second-degree murder in the April 15 slaying of his wife, Hatice Peltek, claimed he attacked his wife and daughters after learning that his brother had molested his wife and his 22-year-old daughter, according to court documents.

Peltek, 41, said he attacked his 4-year-old daughter because she had been “sullied” by a gynecological exam.

“I was concerned that my family’s honor was taken,” he allegedly told investigators.Note that he never considered the option that your or I would probably consider, namely killing his brother (the alleged molesting scumbag). Perhaps he will give his honor up at a state pound me in the ass prison, or better yet get a date in Ol’ Sparky.

Thanks to Chuck Simmins for the link.

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