Spirit Of America Challenge – Day Three Report Card

The Victory Coalition

Total Raised Amount Raised
Castle Argghhh! Fighting Fusileers for Freedom! $10755.50
The Victory Coalition $7718
Liberty Alliance $3314

Another strong day for the Victory Coalition, but we’ve still got serious ground to make up on the Argghhh! crew. Fair warning to the competition- we own the weekends.

New Offers:

Boobie Alert!!! We’ve got boobies for you! Jim is auctioning a short story for the cause! Dorkafork is bringing out the big guns: STAR WARS. Get your Hot Abercrombie Chick picture right here.

Offers in progress:

Michele’s challenge, Matt’s blog giveaway, Sean has Krispy Kreme’s for you, Jim’s remix offer, the Baseball Crank has a moneyback guarantee for Cubs and Red Sox fans, etc.

The Victory Alliance – we’re in it to win.

Why Bush's Number Are Up
Victory Coalition - Day 3 Schedule Of Activities