Eli Manning, Prick

Ever wonder why so many people hold professional athletes in such low esteem? All you need to do is look at the case of the first pick in the NFL draft Eli Manning, Payton Manning’s brother and son of former New Orleans Saints quarterback Archie Manning.

As the drafts top quarterback Eli was the consensus first pick, a position held by the San Diego Chargers. Not selecting Manning would be tantamount to throwing the pick away. If the Chargers had determined that Manning was not the player they wanted tradition and common sense dictate that they would have traded the number one pick for a lower pick and several other picks or players.

What’s different about Manning’s situation is that he pulled an “Elway”, by telling the media that he didn’t want to play for or be drafted by the Chargers, rather he wanted to be drafted by the New York Giants. Due to the contract between the players union and the NFL, all draft choices are locked into a scale of pay and bonuses. Regardless of the team that selected him he stands to get a contract similar to the $40 million dollar deal that last years top pick Carson Palmer of USC got with Cincinnati.

So what happened today, draft day?

The Chargers were presumably unable to get an acceptable deal for their #1 pick, so they used in to draft Manning. After the obligatory holding of the jersey and wearing of the hat, what were the first word out of the ungrateful prima donna’s mouth?

“Right now, we just hope a trade will happen. I’ll sit and wait to see what happens,” he said

Less than an hour later the trade he hoped for materialized. The Chargers got the quarterback the apparently wanted all along (Phillip Rivers) and three more draft picks from the Giants.

Still what a misserable prick, just like Elway… I’m not a big Skins fan, but I sure will be when they are playing the Giants. I hope LeVarr Arrington does a Lawrence Taylor/Joe Theisman on him…

Update: Vic Carucci at NFL.com chimes in with a similar sentiment.

Donald Sensing introduces Manning to the legacy of Pat Tillman.

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