SOA Challenge – Day 2 Schedule Of Activities

It’s me, Kevin, I’ll be your cruise directory today for a look around The Victory Coalition‘s attempts to part you with your money…

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First, Michele is offering to do just about anything for your donation. It’s early, and I hadn’t had my coffee, but I thought I saw something about finding B-movie star Julie Strain and making out with her. I’ll have to check on that…

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From Victory Coalition warrior Matt:

The Spirit of America Soft Money Bundling Contest

In the spirit of thumbing our noses at McCain-Feingold, we’ve decided to offer a fabulous prize for the person that can cajole and threaten their relatives, friends and co-workers into giving the most money, per capita and total, in one lump sum to the Victory Coalition‘s effort on behalf of Spirit of America. Two winners, two prizes

The rules:
1. Minimum of ten individual contributors
2. The payment must be made in one donation, and we’ll need the confirmation email as proof.
3. Tell us how many contributors you rounded up.

The prizes:
Free hosting and a new blog here at Blogmosis for each of the winners. I’ll set it up for you, Michele will design your logo and Kevin will add all the scripty gizmos your heart could desire. No time limit, no restrictions (Well, except porn. We do have a couple of standards left). Keep it for yourself, give it away to someone deserving, whatever you’d like to do.

How hard can it be? Walk around your office and beg ten bucks off of everyone. Call your parents and say you need a new engine for the Yugo. Take out a second mortgage on your home. The contest starts now, and ends when the drive ends, 12:01am Pacific time on Thursday, April 29.

Leave Matt a note if you’re interested in claiming one of these two prizes.

Venomous Kate is asking for just one little favor

JimSpot is offering custom mix discs and a stroll through his playlist of MP3’s. Act fast!!!

Rob has your PM Update – Around the VC.

Result for the day to follow…

Spirit Of America Challenge - Day Two Report Card
Kerry P0wn'ed, Again...


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