We're Non-Partisan but Bush Sucks and We Love Kerry

Planed Parenthood thinks you are stupid.

Abortion Rights March Could Bring Thousands

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Armies of demonstrators headed for Washington on Wednesday for a weekend march in favor of abortion rights and global reproductive freedom that organizers hope will counterbalance sharp anti-abortion rhetoric from the White House.

American feminists have stressed the non-partisan nature of the election-year event, but had harsh criticism for Bush administration policies that they see as going beyond opposition to abortion to limit women’s access to family planning and sex education in the United States and the developing world.

“This march is non-partisan, it is not political in the sense of electoral (politics),” said Gloria Feldt, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, a march sponsor. …

Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund plans to endorse Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry at a separate event on Friday.

It’s one of those non-partisan, non-political endorsements, that’s all.

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