Have BlogAds Jumped The Shark?

So there was a Blogging As Business symposium at BloggerCon XXIVII, and one of the monetization ideas, of course, was to sell BlogAds. I’ve been happy with BlogAds, but I do wonder whether that’s the long term answer.

My question is, as more and more sites add BlogAds has the interface and model broken down?

1) If you’ve ever tried to order BlogAds, you know that interface to find sites to advertise on is awkward. Another issue is the variable rates between sites, InstaPundit and Talking Points Memo are several hundered dollars a week while other sites are as low as $10 a week. Wouldn’t a cost per impression be better from a buying standpoint?

2) If you’re selling BlogAds, how do you get noticed in a sea of sites now listed on BlogAds? Also the BlogAd format is pretty rigid, and can take up a significant amount of screen real estate. Wouldn’t the option to use different form factor be benificial?

I’m interested in your opinion.

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