A "Wonk" Not Making Penis Joke (We Hope)…

Why is it necessary to remake Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

Given that the target audience for the movie is aged in the single digits, who are the one’s clamoring for a remake? You? Me? Is Gene Wilder not believable enough as Wonka? Are the effects not believable enough? I’ve not seen a massive outcry among the grade school set for a new and improved version of the film.

Face it, the original works just fine, even if it was a bit of a flop when it was released.

Sure Charlie is annoying, but does the specter of Jonathan Lipinksi as Charlie, Jim Carrey as Wonka, and Wilford Brimley as Grandpa actually sound good to you? ***

Lair actually has a novel idea, The Donald as The Wonka.

*** I’ve got no idea who, if anyone they have in mind for the casting…

Update: I now know that it’s to be a Tim Burton film staring Johnny Depp. Hmmm… Edward Chocolatehands sounds interesting…

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