You Bet Your Life…

Would you liquidate all your holdings, and place the all of you assets on one spin of the roulette wheel? This Brit did…

Las Vegas (AP) – A man who put his life savings on the line took home $270,600 in a double-or-nothing roulette wheel gamble at the Plaza Hotel and Casino.

Ashley Revell, 32, a London man who said he liquidated all his possessions to fund his leap of faith, put $135,300 on red at the roulette table Sunday as a film crew videotaped his wager.

Wearing a rented tuxedo, he brought cash to the casino, said Rich Rose, the Plaza’s president of sports and special events.

A crowd, including his mother and father, watched as the roulette wheel was spun. The ball bobbled into various slots before landing on Red 7.

Norm Clarke, a columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, reported that the bet was no sure thing. Negotiations to place the wager at the Hard Rock Hotel broke down Saturday night, and the Sky TV crew that accompanied the gambler rewrote the script to fit a new theme: “The Bet Las Vegas Wouldn’t Take.”

The owners of the Plaza, however, saw the publicity value and quickly agreed to take the double-or-nothing bet.

Columnist Clarke said Revell chose red at the last minute, saying he was influenced by fan polls in Britain that favored the color.If it was an American network filming the gig he probably would have got a few bucks even if he had lost. The British networks are cruel, they’d have left him on the curb penniless if he had lost.

His bet took balls; big brass ones…

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