Show Your Support!

John Kerry is graciously offering you your very own web page on his campaign site. Shouldn’t you take him up on it?

Here is mine. ***

*** I spent all of two minutes on it…

And here is North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il’s Kerry page!

Update: It turns out that you can embed pictures in the page (so long as they are linked via https). Anyone want to create a Kim Jong Il/John Kerry picture? Also if you have a great picture that you want to include in your page I can host it for you if you have no other means.

Update 2: Don’t forget to screen capture your creation for posterity!!! If you’re a Windows user use the Alt+PrtScn keys, open Microsoft Paint, then Ctrl+V to paste.

Update 3: Scott Boone is posting screen caps. Follow the links in the comments here, at Allah Is In The House, LGF, and FreeRepublic.

Send your trackbacks to this post or leave your link in the comments. This should be fun!!!

Oh yeah, Wonkette has been p0wn’d!!!

Update 4: Someone finally noticed at the Kerry forums… Apparently they missed they whole Bush Sloganator episode. Oddly the chief Bush Sloganator pimp (Wonkette) hasn’t picked this up.

Update 5: Wonkette picked up on the story, and the new sign ups stopped working… Coincidence? Just kidding. They’ve gutted the new sign up mechanism and it’s just a matter of time before they start removing text from your site. You’d better be screen capturing you creation if you want to save it for prosperity!!! If you sign up for a site now your text is replaced with the following:

The costs of running a national campaign are constantly escalating and special interests opposed to the values you and I share are eager to fund anti-Kerry efforts. Please complete the below form to make a secure online contribution to my campaign.

As the original “discoverer” of this little game, I’d like to point out that I’m available for the Sunday Morning talk shows or any other media interviews. Also I’ve got another trick up my sleeve, but you’ll have to wait until Monday for that one…

Final Update: For those you who are mourning the passing of the Kerry Core and lusted mightily for an alternative to the deceased (now resurrected) Bush Sloganator, out of the goodness of my heart I’ve decided to give you:

And that’s not all!!! The Kerry Sloganator Gallery is open where you can post your slogan or Kerry Code screen shot, vote on your favorites, leave comments, etc.

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Sky Ear


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