The Passion Of The Bunny

From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Combining whips and the Easter Bunny was all part of sharing the gospel, members of a Glassport, Allegheny County, church said Wednesday.

But not everybody got the message.

The antics Saturday at Memorial Stadium riled some parents, who considered the program staged by the Glassport Assembly of God ill-suited for young children.

Performers declared, “There is no Easter Bunny” while smashing colored eggs and brandishing mock whips on a youth minister clad in a white rabbit costume, complete with long ears and a cotton tail, said some people who attended the event.I guess they’ll think twice about their Christmas production, “The Passion Of The Santa.” I hear that Santa is scourged by the elves in that one…

By the way, I think they did an excellent job of conveying their “hey we’re kooks” message. It seemed to get through loud and clear.

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