Out Drudging drudge

Warm up your bookmarks you news junkies.. ABC news is going head to head with Matt Drudge.

NOTED NOW launches today and promises… well… I’ll let them tell you

ABC News proudly presents — the next generation in Internet political news.

Imagine if there were a Web site where, at a glance, you could find out what was going on right that minute in the world of politics — anytime.

A Web page for political insiders and those who like to watch them. …

Imagine the site had eye-catching headlines and short items with all the latest stuff — and links to more information. …

From White House gaggles, to about-to-drop opposition research hits, to pending policy and personnel announcements, to new TV ads, to the latest soundbites, Dow movements, and anything else that can affect the 2004 elections — it will all be regularly updated on Noted Now.

Some of you are currently using a certain other Web site as your homepage because you are under the misguided impression that it is the best place for BREAKING news and DEVELOPING stories that are IMPACTING now.

But given that elsewhere the focus is often entertainment news or earthquakes (geological ones, not geopolitical ones), we bet that a lot of you in this presidential year would like a one-stop shopping place to go to get all the information on the election — faster than the AP (Sorry, Fournier.), more colorful than cable, and more direct than calling Howard Fineman.

I find it hypocritical interesting that the same mainstream media that has bashed Drudge for years now wants to play in his sandbox.

But hey… More news is good news right?

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