And Such Nice People

[ Cue theme from The Twilight Zone ]

Could the Osbournes be cursed? Mom Sharon Osbourne says she’s starting to wonder. First it was her colon cancer, then husband Ozzy’s addiction relapse and near-fatal ATV crash, then son Jack’s substance- abuse treatment.

Just like the Kennedy’s – all those freaky accidents. Only Teddy has been spared and it’s said he was only saved from a watery grave by finding shoulders to stand on….

Now daughter Kelly Osbourne has entered a drug-rehab facility to battle her dependence on painkillers. Kelly checked in hours before her parents’ Friday night gig on CNN’s “Larry King Live” to promote season three of their reality series, “The Osbournes.” “The amount of pills I found in her bag was astounding,” Ozzy (of all people) told King in a surprisingly confessional interview, says

Such dedicated parenting – you just have to share your head and wonder where these kids went wrong.

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