New Hampshire: A Primer

I know the New Hampshire primary has come and gone until 2008, but I can’t let this go to waste.

New Hampshire is a small state, not overly populous or renowned, but every four years we (for good or ill) cast a very large shadow over the nation during our presidential primary. It’s a little late, but here is a little test to separate those who know us in Cow Hampshire and the Flatlanders.

Below are the names of ten New Hampshire cities and towns. (Yes, we have cities. 13 of them, all told. And a grand total of 1.1 million people. So there.) See how many you can pronounce like a real Granite Staters.

1. Lebanon
2. Milan
3. Hebron
4. Plaistow
5. Concord
6. Nashua
7. Canaan
8. Berlin
9. Ossipee
10. Manchester

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1. LEB-uh-nun
2. MY-lun
3. HEBE-run
4. PLASS-tau
5. CONK-urd
6. NASH-oo-ah
7. CANE-un
8. BURR-lin
9. OSS-i-pee
10. MANCH VAY-gus

(Trivia: Berlin’s pronounciation was deliberately changed during World War I, and Milan’s during World War II, to differentiate them from their namesakes on the other side of the hostilities.)


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