Wanna avoid road rage?

I spend a lot of time on the road for my job. And, naturally, I think of myself as a pretty good driver. (Who doesn’t?) So I’m going to hijack this forum that Kevin so foolishly let open to a clod like me (especially while he’s distracted over his imminent spawning) and toss out my pet peeves on the road, and invite others to add their own in.

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1. SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT. If you’re not actively passing someone, get your carcass out of the leftmost lane (or, as we call it here in Cow Hampshire, the “passing lane”). Left-lane squatters drive me NUTS, especially since it’s technically illegal to pass on the left here.

2. USE YOUR BLINKERS WHEN CHANGING LANES. You wanna cut in front of me, that’s fine — I’ll live with it. Just give me a little warning before you lunge in front of me and shove me off the road.

3. IF YOUR WIPERS ARE ON, SO SHOULD YOUR HEADLIGHTS. I got this one off the guys from “Car Talk.” So what if you can see just fine? Your car’s lights aren’t just to let you see — they’re to let you BE seen, as well. Especially if you have a silver, gray, or other light-colored car — you blend in very nicely with rain and mist.

Those are my big three. Anyone else want to vent?


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