In Case It's Not Obvious…

I guess it’s possible that the whole baby situation isn’t completely clear…

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  • It was an April Fool’s Day gag.

  • My wife didn’t go into labor last night.

  • We didn’t have a baby today.

  • We are not naming our son Glenn (not that there’s anything wrong with the name).

  • We’re scheduled for a C-section at 2PM Friday (tomorrow).

  • We have a name picked out – No one has guessed correctly yet.

  • I’m knocking on wood that I haven’t tempted fate too much…It occurred to me that in order to prepare for my real leave from the blog I’d already gone through all of the setup necessary to pull this off. Moving things up a day to capitalize on April Fool’s Day seemed downright devious, which really meant that I just had to do it…

    Don’t worry you’ll be rid of me tonight.

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