How *not* to get a spokesman for your cause

For those of you that don’t know Dr. LeRoy Carhart he is often suing over abortion issues. The AP has the story on his latest appearance in court:

Doctor: Law Would Affect Many Abortions

The doctor who led the fight to get the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down Nebraska’s ban on a controversial abortion procedure testified Thursday that a similar federal law would affect nearly all abortions performed after the first trimester.

The law, which has yet to be enforced, would bar a procedure that medical organizations refer to as “intact dilation and extraction” – or D&X.
During the procedure, generally performed in the second trimester, a fetus is partially delivered and its skull is punctured.

Carhart and other abortion-rights supporters are challenging the ban…

I can see why… Doesn’t your copy of the Constitution protect the right to puncture the skulls of unborn children?

The law prohibits doctors from committing an “overt act” designed to kill a partially delivered fetus, which Carhart could be interpreted as covering more common, less controversial procedures, including “dilatation and evacuation.” …

“This act covers every D&E that I did,” Carhart said. “Everything that I do to cause an abortion is an overt act.”

Carhart said at least once a month, an entire fetus is expelled from the mother during a D&E he is performing.

“The fetuses are alive at the time of delivery,” he said. There is a heartbeat “very frequently,” he said.

Back when I had a talk radio show the rule was NEVER do a show on abortion. All it would do is piss everyone off and never solve anything.

Having said that, if anyone out there can explain to me how puncturing the skull of a live baby after it is delivered is protected by the Constitution, I invite your reply.

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