The Answer is "Chicken Teriyaki"

And the Question is “Name the world’s oldest Kamikaze Pilot.” Well that’s the wrong war, the wrong time, definitely not PC, but it is the lead in to this story. Terrorist in Palestine are applying more and more pressure on the young to recruit them as suicide bombers.

But the Israeli military said the terrorists are increasingly preying on the young.

“We’ve seen the accelerated efforts of this consortium of terror from Nablus to dispatch young children and turn them into human bombs,” said Maj. Sharon Feingold, an army spokeswoman.

They offer bribes of money, clothes, cell phones, paradise and the old 72 Virgin line. (the line is old).

One wonders why the recruitees don’t question why the recruiters don’t take the rewards for themselves.

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Its a terrible thing that they are doing in trying to recruit the young, but I think its a good thing that they seem to be running out of willing volunteers.

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