MSIE No Workie

I’ve seen other bloggers do it and figured…while I’ve got your attention…why not?

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My Internet Explorer simply doesn’t work. When I click on the Icon, I get the hourglass and then the Wonderful Windows XP Window telling me that it must shut down the program etc. etc. would I like to submit a report…stopped doing that awhile ago when they’re tech support told me it didn’t matter, they never got a chance to see them….

I’ve tried reinstalling the current Service Pack…it tells me it’s already installed. I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing Explorer…again, it tells me it’s already installed. Fine…I downloaded Netscape 7.1 and that works fine…except for the few things the REQUIRE MSIE and I do that from work if I have to…during lunch of course.

Now the fun part…sometimes I get the MSIE must shut down message when I’m not even IN MSIE!!! I understand when I’m using the media player etc., but when I’m playing a NON MS Game?!

I know there are some geniuses out there, I’ve read your comments, any ideas?

The Answer is "Chicken Teriyaki"


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