I'm Just Not Buying It

Drudge always comes up with fun links.

Science on verge of new `Creation’
Labs say they have nearly all the tools to make artificial life

More than 3.5 billion years after nature transformed non-living matter into living things, populating Earth with a cornucopia of animals and plants, scientists say they are finally ready to try their hand at creating life. …

Still, artificial life now seems so attainable that the number of U.S. labs working in the field jumped from about 10 four decades ago to more than 100 today.[As I recall there were thousands of alchemists at one time. -ed]

The story goes on from there and basically makes that case that since a lot of people are working on it obviously it is going to happen. Call me skeptical, but we ain’t even close.

These guys think they can take inorganic material and synthesize life… I’ll make it even easier on them… Start with a guy that died yesterday and bring him back to life. Hell, at least there you’ve got a running start, he was alive at one point.

A key element of all living systems is the ability to evolve through natural selection. Things that are successful survive, while those that fail to adapt die off. The idea is to incorporate this evolutionary design process into technology that people can use, making things that are complicated and well-adapted without having to figure out in advance all the problems that could arise.

That brings us smack dab into the great lie of the “We came from ooze” theory. If you believe the hype, there was this oooze on the ground when lighting hit and POOF there was single celled life. From there all life on the planet evolved from that glob of primordial ooze.

But there is a fatal flaw with that theory. If you consider the diversity of life on this planet and the fact that 90% of all the species that have ever lived are now extinct, it is obvious that there would have had to be trillions of cases when one species evolved into another. Yet with all of our study we can not document one time in history that it has happened. The scientific community has put all its stock in the fact that these trillions of events happened but we can not cite a single example. (notice the word “species” before you flame me)

Further we can not reproduce it in the lab. If it happened this many times in history, clearly it must be happening contemporaneously. Yet not only can we not find it in nature but after thousands of generations in labs nobody can prove that a single species can evolve into another species. It seems rather far fetched that we know so much about the origin of life but can’t answer this rather simple question.

Before you flame me, I don’t believe either camp. Neither side’s story is more believable than the other. Whether you believe the primordial ooze theory or you believe in creationism, you only have your faith as proof.

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I really posted this because it reminds me of a great joke….

One day the scientists decided they had life figured out. They called God and one of them said “God you ain’t so special, we can now create life in the lab.”

God replied with the predictable incredulity but the scientist pressed on.
He said “God, we want to challenge you to a man building contest.”

God said, “OK” and he reached down a grabbed a handful of clay. The scientist grabbed a handful of clay as well.

Then God said, “Woah- Not so fast… Get your own dirt.”

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