Welcome Back Scott

Scott Elliot is back to election projections following the tragic death of his parents on a mission in Iraq. Her is his take on the current state of the election numbers:

Senator John Kerry’s surge is definitely subsiding now that he is for sure the Democratic choice. As I discerned earlier, Kerry’s lofty numbers were falsely inflated by flattering news coverage and a non-active opponent in George W. Bush. The political climate has changed on both accounts. Voters are starting to get acquainted with the real John Kerry, and to know him is to dislike him. More and more Democrats will come to understand that they vastly overestimated his “electability.” As for the President, his numbers have stabilized. His ads are reminding voters what a strong and capable leader he is. We should see a steady increase in the President’s lead until the Democratic National Convention in July.

Oh, did I mention the President now holds the upper hand? Yes, the latest Election Projection shows the President in the lead. He is ahead 49.77% to 49.23% in the popular vote and has moved out in front, 290-248, in electoral votes. As I said, this trend should continue.

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