The Contender

Mark Burnett and Sly Stallone to produce ‘The Contender’ reality boxing show for NBC.
Application deadline is June 15th.
Apply now or attend one of the upcoming open calls! Email your questions to [email protected] or call 1-877- BE A BOXER

You know the story…Yo Adrien
It has to be classic now., The best underdog story ever!
Not the best acting but up there in original story filmography. I don’t think, I will ever forget ROCKY. Nor the scene of him mastering the stairs or the music.
The most surprising part of it all that Sly wrote the screenplay. Talent !
I can only hope, that the reality show could be as entertaining as the movie was.
I am sure it will be a disappointment.
Very interesting though..I think, I would rather see a reality show on athletes ups and downs then any other kind of reality show.

Terrorist Tactics
? Riddle me this ?!