Buy your Doctorate, $1500

They’re doing it in Georgia. The president of Gwinnett College of Business in Lilburn, Georgia, received his doctorate from St. Regis University in Liberia, based “largely on life experience” (and his payment with an approved credit card). To be fair, he also did 10 months of coursework. Whew, and I thought college here in the U.S. was tough.

Of course, if you go to Gwinnett College, will:

“YOU will learn the most current versions of popular software available.
YOU will attend small classed–ensuring you of personal attention.
YOU can schedule either day of night classes at your convenience.”

Unlike those college where SOMEONE ELSE, rather than YOU, gets to go to class and learn. I hate those colleges, don’t YOU?

Sorry to run, but I have to go drop out and apply to either Gwinnett or St. Regis. Why waste four years when you can have a doctorate in 10 months, for $145,000 less?

by Hot Abercrombie Chick

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