All Your Blogs Are Belong To Us

Look what I got from PayPal this afternoon:

As you know, the PayPal User Agreement states that PayPal, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to close an account at any time for any reason. We are writing to inform you that, after a review of your site, and in accordance with PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy, your account has been closed.

PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy prohibits the sale of items for mature audiences. After a review of your site/account, you have either received payments via PayPal, or have PayPal referenced on your site. Due to the violation of the Acceptable Use Policy your account will be closed and the remaining balance will be sent to you by check. Please be sure that your account information is accurate, as we cannot be held responsible for checks issued to an incorrect address. We do ask that you please remove reference(s) to PayPal from your site.

If you feel that this decision was made in error and that you have not been accepting payments in the mature audience space, please contact us at This email is intended to be used only by merchants who feel this decision has been made in error, and not for accounts that are in violation. Accounts that have violated the mature audience policy will not be reinstated.

For a better understanding of our Acceptable Use Policy, please view:

PayPal ComplianceI’d like to know what exactly (other than BlogAds) is for sale here? Fucking asshats.

Your blog is probably next if you have a boob picture or link anywhere, so pass this information along.

Visit PaypalSucks to hear other PayPal whore horror stories.

Update: PayPal holds your money for 6 months on suspension or termination before giving back to it’s rightful owner (you). If you must use a PayPal account, be smart – keep your balances at $0.

To those who think this is a phisher” message you need to re-read the message. Notice they don’t provide a link to update account info; they’re just saying if your address at PayPal is wrong you’ll never see your $$$ again.

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