Middle East unrest

The Hezbollah attack in apparent consolidarity with Hamas

Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah vowed to avenge Yassin’s killing, saying Israel would “pay a heavy price for their ugly crime.”

Three groups have been responsible for 900 Israeli deaths in 42 months. These are Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, the last is an offshoot of Yasser Arafat’s mainstream Fatah.

Arafat appears worried. If he wasn’t worried before, to me, this is a good start.

Amish Tech Support comments on assassination implications for the dead pool.

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some addition quotes of world leaders

“The war against terror has not ended and will continue day after day, everywhere. … This is a difficult struggle that all the countries of the enlightened world must participate in. It is the natural right of the Jewish people, like that of all nations in the world that love life, to hunt down those who rise to destroy it.” – Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

“This is one of the biggest crimes that the Israeli government has committed.” – Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia.

“The Zionists didn’t carry out their operation without getting the consent of the terrorist American administration, and it must take responsibility for this crime.” – Hamas statement.

Full quote article here.

By the way since Spain has made some arrests in the commuter train bombings has someone told them that they must be guilty of of horrendous crimes for attempting to apprehend those that murdered hundreds of their citizens.

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