1776 Film Banned In Virginia

Even in the current climate of consternation over the Super Bowl halftime show, this is ridiculous. That it’s happening in the next county over is even more depressing.

Fairfax, VA (AP) – The film version of “1776,” based on the Broadway musical about the Declaration of Independence’s creation, has been banned in Fairfax County (website – news) middle schools because of sexual innuendo.

In the fictional account, Thomas Jefferson is balking at staying in Philadelphia to write the declaration and protests to John Adams: “I’ve not seen my wife in six months.”

Adams responds, “For a man of only 33 years, you possess a happy talent for composition and a remarkable felicity of expression. Now, will you be a patriot . . . or a lover?”

Jefferson says he “burns” for his wife, at home in Virginia.Lest you think that Fairfax County is a hotbed of conservatism, it’s actually a Democratic stronghold.

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