Getting My House In Order

If we learned anything when we had the twins two and a half years ago it is that any project delayed until after the birth will inevitably never get done.

There’s only twelve more days left until “newbie” is born and the very pregnant wife has been diligently arranging and procuring goods for the new nursery. The old one simply wouldn’t do…

As her swollen ankles will attest, she’s in no condition to do much physical work, but the sphere of her brain that controls planning and decorating is still working in hyperdrive. This makes for a busy spouse; which of course means me. I’ve learned one thing: unfinished furniture is NO BARGAIN. Of course if you can leave it unfinished it’s a great deal, but somehow my new little boy will be emotionally scared if his dresser does shine in white. Coat #1 is drying as I write this.

I’ve still got to get this house (Wizbang) in order as well, then there’s work, and invoices, and refinancing, etc. I’m making steady progress on all of those.

There is one last project that we’ve yet get to before our new boy arrives: A name. Why sweat the small stuff, right?

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