Asshat Of The Week

Assuming that the police have the lowdown on this professor, this looks to be a classic case of an ideologue justifying their own action with a ‘ends justify the means’ metality…

CLAREMONT, CA – A Claremont McKenna psychology professor vandalized her own car last week and falsely reported the damages as a hate crime against her, police said Wednesday.

Kerri Dunn, who spoke at a free speech seminar March 9, reported to police after the lecture that her car had been vandalized – tires slashed, windows broken and spray painted with racial epithets. Police, however, say two witnesses have come forward claiming they saw Dunn vandalizing her own vehicle.

The incident prompted all five of the Claremont Colleges to cancel classes March 10 for teach-ins and rallies against hate crimes. More than 1,000 people attended an evening rally at Claremont McKenna, where students pushed for racial and ethnic tolerance and Dunn was one of the speakers.

“Very admirably, the college community came together,” Claremont McKenna President Pamela Gann said. “But to have within the community someone who is part of the investigation and questioned is repulsive to the values of the community.”

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