The Case for Bombing Spain

Bush is under fire from all sides for the killings in Spain. Pundits are opining that our foreign policy is in trouble and it is all Bush’s fault. The solution for Mr. Bush is obvious really. He should bomb Spain.

Rather than kill 200 people he should kill maybe 300 or so to show our power. Then, before the Spanish have time to bury their dead, he should release a grainy, low quality video saying that if the Spanish do not return Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar to power we will bomb them again. If history is our guide, we will be rewarded with a U.S. friendly administration.

There are many benefits to this approach. Certainly the Europeans will finally agree with Mr. Bush’s foreign policy, the Spanish will realize that appeasing the United States is more expedient than appeasing terrorists and it saves all that time wasted with diplomacy and other such nonsense. Further, one bomb rack on a F/A-18 probably costs less than sending Colin Powell and his entourage over to discuss things.

Mr. Bush has been wasting time with the U.N. and trying to convince the world that terrorism is wrong. All his arguments have fallen on deaf ears. It is however, not too late for him to save himself. Simply beat the terrorists at their own game. It is a strategy the whole world can finally agree on.

Forget the whole good vs evil / right vs wrong crap. Just start bombing. They’ll love us for it.

All of this of course begs the question, why stop at Spain? When Jacques Chirac’s reelection is at hand, a single bomber could insure the French see us as an ally again. German elections are always fun to watch anyway, why not let a few kilotons fly their way?

This may seem an outlandish idea that is without merit, but remember… It worked in Spain.

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