Recon Camera

The Recon Shell Skycam link was what I was looking for when I got sidetracked by the urinal, (my last post).

His invention, which he calls a reconnaissance round, is essentially a digital camera packed into a mortar shell that is fired 1,800 to 2,000 feet into the air. The shell then deploys a parachute, and the camera is rigged to transmit photos to a soldier’s laptop on the ground as it floats back to earth.

Overhead images of battlefields shot by high-altitude spy planes, satellites and unmanned drones have become essential tools for modern military planners.

But those are the tools of generals, Stancil says, and usually require too much time and logistics to offer real-time images to soldiers in the middle of a fight.

At first glance this looked like it might have useful applications during rush hour , (I live in the Detroit Area) but someone blasting a mortar shell from their H2 to get a view of traffic might not go over too well. Its amazing how much advantage just a little technology can add on the battlefield.

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