Nixon Targeted Kerry

Richard Nixon targeted John Kerry for his anti-war activities. From a long MSNBC piece on what the Nixon White House (via the infamous tapes) had to say about Kerry:

Colson: This fellow Kerry that they had on last week —
Nixon: Yeah.

Colson: — hell, he turns out to be, uh, really quite a phony.
Nixon: Well, he is sort of a phony, isn’t he?

Colson: Well, he stayed, when he was here —
Nixon: Stayed out in Georgetown, yeah. [edit]

Colson: — was out at the best restaurants every night and, uh —
Nixon: Sure.

Colson: — you know, he’s just, the complete opportunist.
Nixon: A racket, sure. [edit]

Colson: We’ll keep hitting him, Mr. President.I can see the headline now… Kerry says he was the inspiration for Love Story Watergate.

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