Those Imaginary Foreign Leaders

The California Yankee links to a Washington Times article that ought to put to rest the foreign leaders John Kerry supposedly met with.

Sen. John Kerry refuses to provide any information to support his assertion earlier this week that he has met with foreign leaders who beseeched him to prevail over President Bush in November’s election.

The Massachusetts Democrat has made no official foreign trips since the start of last year, according to Senate records and his own published schedules. And an extensive review of Mr. Kerry’s travel schedule domestically revealed only one opportunity for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee to meet with foreign leaders here.

The only instance found when Mr. Kerry was in the same town as a foreign leader was Sept. 24, when New Zealand Foreign Minister Philip Goff was in Washington meeting with State Department officials. On that day, according to his schedule, Mr. Kerry received the endorsement of the International Association of Fire Fighters in Washington.Update: The truth gap widens. First there is the Cuban vote issue (Note to John – It’s a bad idea to flip flop on issues you’ve already voted on – they keep records of those votes.).

Now ordinary citizens are asking for an explaination of who those foreign leaders are. They’re not getting answers either, unless you count “Bush did blah, blah, blah…” as an answer.

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