Ladies, Your Uterus Belongs To The State

This is scary…

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – As Melissa Ann Rowland’s unborn twins got closer to birth, doctors repeatedly told her they would likely die if she did not have a Caesarean section. She refused, and one later was stillborn.

Authorities charged 28-year-old Rowland with murder on Thursday, saying she exhibited “depraved indifference to human life,” according to court documents. One nurse told police that Rowland said she would rather “lose one of the babies than be cut like that.”

The case could affect abortion rights and open the door to the prosecution of mothers who smoke or don’t follow their obstetrician’s diet, said Marguerite Driessen, a law professor at Brigham Young University.

“It’s very troubling to have somebody come in and say we’re going to charge this mother for murder because we don’t like the choices she made,” she said.From the looks of her, the mother in this case may be a little “odd”, but these charges are ridiculous. C-section’s are massively over performed in this country. While a C-section in this case may have been the best option it certainly was not the only option.

Babies and even mothers occasionally die during childbirth. That is a law of nature. The fact that medical advances saves more preemies and breach babies doesn’t make failure to blindly submit to medical technology a crime. The technology that allows earlier and earlier preemies to survive is an example of medical technology that saves babies that 30 years ago would not have lived. Studies have shown that extra low birth weight preemies who do survive can have a variety of life long medical problems.

The farther you pull back from any one individual case you can see that throughout history there have been (and always will be) babies that won’t survive childbirth or early infancy for any number of reasons. It’s heartbreaking, for sure, but it’s also a fact. Criminalizing the designed workings of reproductive biology isn’t going to change it either.

Update: Rowland denies turning down a C-section.

“I’ve never refused a C-section. I’ve already had two prior C-sections. Why would I say something like that?”.

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