This New York Post story about a student suicide at NYU ordinarily would not be especially noteworthy, except for the fact that a Post photographer snapped pictures of the leap.

March 10, 2004 – The daughter of a Silicon Valley executive has become the fourth New York University student to take a fatal plunge this academic year.

Sophomore Diana Chien, 19, jumped from the roof of her boyfriend’s 24-story apartment building Saturday after quarreling with him.

The Post splashed the picture on the front cover of the Tuesday edition (see below). Their decision to run the picture was roundly condemned.

Today the story of Diana Chein’s death gets even weirder…

March 11, 2004 – Death can’t part Christopher Lam from his beloved – he plans to wed tragic NYU student Diana Chien, whose suicide leap from a Midtown rooftop Saturday shook the school and the city.

“I am still going to marry her,” said Lam, who proposed to the beautiful NYU sophomore in January. “She was the love of my life, and I was hers.”

The tragic couple – who had planned to tie the knot as soon as Chien, 19, graduated – will instead be married in California today, Lam said.

Update: Additional reporting in USA Today.

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