Darwin Award Reject

Some people just aren’t cut out to qualify for Darwin Awards, but you would think that shooting yourself in the head with a nail gun would do the trick. Not this time…

SYDNEY (Reuters) – An Australian handyman admitted he was stupid to shoot himself in the head with a nail gun in a misguided prank that left him with a nail lodged in his brain.

Brad Shorten, a father of three from Victoria state, was enjoying a few beers with friends after working on his house when they began joking about industrial accidents. Shorten, 33, picked up a nail gun that he thought was empty, pointed it at his head and pulled the trigger.

Then the guy proves he’s a career handyman by bidding on the fix-it job…

The bizarre mishap left him with a 1.25-inch nail counter-sunk through his skull just behind his temple.

Royal Melbourne Hospital neurosurgeons removed the nail in a delicate four-hour operation even though Shorten, who was expected to make a full recovery, had offered to take the nail out with a pair of pliers.

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