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Here’s a question: If you’re in favor of same sex marriage are you in favor of an FCC crackdown on Howard Stern?

What prompted this question? A line from one of the comments to Eric Olsen’s post on Howard Stern.

[…]I’m tired of living in a society where the minority gets to decide how the majority lives.

By any objective measure the country does not favor same sex marriage. There is more support for civil unions, but the last numbers I saw indicated that even civil unions were not a majority opinion. Regardless of the will of the majority same sex marriages will soon be law in Massachusetts, and eventually may be extended to all states via the establishment clause.

The FCC’s new aggressive policing of broadcast indecency does give voice to the concerns of a minority (as well as to those of the majority). Perhaps a vocal minority will get their wish and have the airwaves cleared of Howard and Howard wannabes, but then again maybe they wont. Free speech won’t be Stern’s downfall, but economics might be. Ironically deregulation may be Sterns downfall. With just a few media conglomerates controlling radio, it only takes a few skittish executives to end Stern’s network of affiliates and career.

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