The Culture Of Men

In Lauren‘s excellent post on why rape is a men’s issue she highlights this quote from Derrick Jensen in his book “The Culture of Make Believe”:

She believes that violence against women will stop – and presumably the same is true for violence against blacks, Jews, children, homosexuals, or other targeted classes – only when other men refuse to socially reward those who are violent. “Women can’t do it by ourselves. If a man hits his girlfriend, the man’s friends need to stop playing basketball with him, and they need to tell him why. They need to confront him about it, and they need to socially isolate the men who have shown themselves incapable of mature relationships. And they need to do it every time. The bottom line is that members of the class of people who are doing the violence – in this case, men – need to take responsibility for the violence done by their class, and they need to work to stop it. Until that happens, not very much will change.”

Powerful words. Go read the whole thing.

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