Legalize It?

Amanda Doerty (otherwise known as Hot Abercrombie Chick) has attracted her share of boob-seeking porn trolls with her post on child pornography laws. The mandatory penalties for possession of even a small amount of underage material will probably surprise and maybe even shock you. Amanda wonders whether fines for fist time possessors rather than jail time is more appropriate.

I disagree with Amanda that possession is similar in illegality to copyright violation, but do agree that the possession does not absolutely correlate to pedophile tendencies. Even so, I would imagine the correlation rate is very high and that parents of children who live in the neighborhoods of those prosecuted under these laws are very glad about the enforcement.

I don’t recall seeing a rash of over zealous prosecutions of ‘the guy next door’, but rather all the press I’ve seen on these kinds of busts are when active members of the child exploitation culture are snared. Sure it’s possible non pedophiles have been caught and tried, but I sure don’t recall any memorable examples.

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