Racist Is As Racist Does

One of the site on my occasional visit list is Gut Rumbles, the home of Rob Smith (aka Acidman). It seems that Rob has hit a rough patch, and his writings have been erratic (to say the least) lately. Last week many other bloggers proclaimed that the old Acidman was back based on a couple posts (here and here) and general re-coherence of his writing.

All of which make this post even harder to fathom. In it Acidman uses the work “nigger” 11 10 times, and that’s not even the offensive part. Based on a on court brawl at a high school basketball game he proceeds to pander to pretty much every racist caricature of blacks in the book. Based on a cursory reading here are a few Klan style stereotypes for blacks that Acidman employees in the post:

Lazy and shiftless
Drug addicts

I’m sure you could find more if you re-read the post. The point that he was trying to make is lost in the sea of hate and loathing. Yes there’s something wrong, but it’s with the author.

In the 24 hours since I first noticed the post I would have expected that someone somewhere would have had something to say. I was wrong…

Perhaps everyone is scared or apathetic? Or maybe you’ll say, “That’s just Acidman.” Fine, but if it comes out of Trent Lott, Jesse Helms, Robert Byrd, David Duke, or Acidman it’s still wrong. Whatever the circumstance it’s still repugnant, and racist.

End of story

Update: Well it appears that I was not the only one totally offended – just the first to speak up. I hoped that once someone planted a stake in the ground that others would follow. Thank you for not making me twists in the wind too long.

Steve writes far more eloquently that I did here on racism. One of his main points: “I am speaking out about it because this is one of those situations where, if you don’t object, people may assume you approve.” Michele shares Steve’s sentiments.

And finally to those who say it’s all about and over reaction to the “N-word”, I say re-read Acidmans post. Even if you remove the “N-word” from the post what he wrote is still vile, offensive, and racist.

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