Wegmans – Day One

Imagine intermission at a Jimmy Buffet concert held inside a Wal-Mart and you would get some sense of the atmosphere at the grand opening of Northern Virginia’s newest grocery store – Wegmans.

We loaded up the twins at 10:00 AM and waded into the sea of humanity that had come to explore Wegmans. There are lots of nice little convenience and perks for shoppers; the only problem was that to get to them you pretty much had to commit a misdemeanor battery on someone. Apparently there is a kids center where you can leave you kids (like IKEA) while you shop. I never saw the kids center but, considering that I probably only saw 50% of the store in our 1 1/2 hour visit, that’s not surprising. The aisles were like a giant bumper car ride with shopping carts. I had my heels rolled up on by shopping carts at least five times.

Perhaps when we next venture to Wegmans the initial hysteria will have waned. Unfortunately, judging by the crowds, I think the word on the store got out…

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