TiVo And The Oscars

A match made in heaven… Let the snarkiness begin!

Hardly a surprise that Angelina Jolie has pierced nipples, but they’ve been prominently displayed.

Billy Crystal’s act is getting a bit dated, his opening song medley is becoming a characture…

Owen Wilson gets the prize for the first hit on the 5 second digital delay, though neither my wife nor I could tell if it was a microphone dropout or a bleep.

Oh good lord, we’ve run out of buffer!!! Oh, the humanity!!!

Blake Edwards – Famous for talking Mary Poppins into doing a nude scene (NSFW).

Peter Jackson wins the best director award, yawn…

Maybe it’s just our TV, but Charlize Theron (Best Actress) looks like she might have spent too much time in the Easy Bake Oven.

Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn) wins the Oscar! Hey bud, let’s party!

Lord Of The Rings – Return Of The King sweeps every major category it was nominated in, yawn.

More Oscar blogging from Michele (1,2,3), Shell, Mog, Kate, and Robert.

Update: I forgot Oliver’s forum where you can get in the scrum – realtime.

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